Run Like Crazy Horse!

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One of the most intriguing elements to any musician, at least in my opinion, is the reason why they’ve chosen to become one in the first place. More so than the notes that they play or the clothes that they wear, a performers motivation for picking up a guitar or writing a song can be a huge factor in determining whether or not the listener ends up developing any kind of appreciation for their music.

As a song writer myself, I’ve always found it fairly easy to make these distinctions; there’s the flashy musicians who like to preen and show off; and then there’s the quieter, so called, “sensitive”, performers who use song writing as means to express themselves and their feelings. Neither reason is any more or any less redeeming in my opinion. And both are equally self-absorbed.

So on which side of the fence do I fall then? Well actually, it’s neither. Yes that’s right; I’m SO self –absorbed, I consider myself worthy of having a category all to myself. Kidding aside however, I write songs to fill in my time, to try and achieve something. Exactly what it is that I hope to achieve, I have no idea. All I know is that every time I don’t try, it feels like a missed opportunity. To know that something, anything, could have existed if I’d only gotten off my backside and made it happen infuriates me beyond belief.

In that sense, perhaps it’s Neil Young to whom I can most closely relate. An artist who, creatively at least, seems to be permanently running and moving forward and who seems to fully understand the notion that a song’s ultimate ambition is fulfilled at the exact moment that it becomes complete. Dreams being either dashed or realised is irrelevant, its having a dream in the first place that counts and that’s what most of us seem to lose sight of far too quickly;

Way too many people just seem to give up on themselves and accept their lot like it’s inevitable, like they never even had the potential, at any point, to be anything more than what they’ve settled for which, in my opinion, has to be one of the most tragic traits of the human condition.

In 2011, I wrote a song called, “Rose Hill”, in which I hopefully do a better job of explaining this viewpoint than I have done in the previous 5 paragraphs.

The track isn’t currently available for sale but as my way of saying THANK YOU for becoming one of my subscribers, I’d like to give it to you for free.

Download, “Rose Hill”, here.

If you’re interested in hearing the journey that my music has taken in the 8 years since I wrote that song, you might want to check out my latest EP, “Playin’ at Rock Stars”, 6 songs born from a mentality of getting off your backside and making it happen.

Why stand still when you can run like Crazy Horse!

Best wishes


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