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Hi there. Just thought I’d provide a little extra info on the, ‘Playin’ At Rock Stars’, EP. Hopefully, it’ll shed a little more light on the songs……but not too much 🙂
Like Layla: Initially, I’d wanted something a little more bass heavy, more of a groove. But Andy (on drums) was using softer sticks than I thought and I didn’t realise until it was too late. It all worked out for the best in the end though, as this gave the guitar a little more space to breathe. I think the riff’s about an octave higher than Clapton’s.


Wonderwheel: Lyrically, I was a little worried this one might get misinterpreted; Comparing a long term, monogamous relationship with the fun and excitement of a fairground ride might seem like I’m taking the proverbial but I can honestly say that the song is sincere and that I simply thought Wonderwheel was a nice hook line. Oh, and a quick shout out to all you guitarists that aren’t already in the know; never use a Fender Jag when you have to palm mute; WAY more trouble than it’s worth……

Watery Sun: The structure of this one had been quite complex but I eventually went for something more simple and decided to save the quirky bits for the end. Andy winged the slide guitar completely on the fly and we took bits out to compliment what I was doing. Also, as a side note; the title for this one actually came before the song itself which is a real rarity for me.

Stuck In Neutral: Possibly my favourite track during the creation process, so imagine my dismay when Andy informed me that I’d written a guitar riff in a time signature that doesn’t even exist! Fortunately, there were some congas in the attic and we managed to turn the whole thing into some kind of quirky, African, tribal chant. I like it!

Exceptionally Dumb: I can only assure you of two things with regards to this song; the first is that yes, this is genuinely my honest opinion of British democracy and the second is that no, these lyrics were not written by an 8 year old.

Catch Me: Just to be clear; I am aware that songs about writer’s block run a serious risk of being naff but I actually think I did a pretty decent job here. Looking back at the lyrics, I can’t decide if I was genuinely considering jacking it all in and never writing another song again or simply referencing the fact that this was the last track on the EP. Moray Nellis provides that lovely harmony vocal.

And that’s about it guys. Not exactly, ‘Behind The Music’, I know but hopefully you enjoyed it.

Take Care

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