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Described by as, “A perfect example of how artists can actually create really far reaching works by using simple elements and seamless arrangements.”


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The renowned music industry blog also says that Blissful Red’s, “whispered, soft spoken vocals create a stunning mellow vibe that echoes the work of artists such as Nick Drake or Elliott Smith.” And whilst the aforementioned troubadours may initially provide the most obvious reference points, Blissful Red’s subtle integration of synthesizers give at least parts of the music a psychedelic, almost dreamlike quality – similar to Kurt Vile or The War On Drugs.

Combining wry, introspective storytelling with sunny, upbeat production values, Blissful Red creates a low key, yet rich sonic atmosphere that the listener can’t help but lose themselves inside.

His latest EP, “PLAYIN’ AT ROCK STARS”, can be yours with just a click of the order button below, so go ahead and acquaint yourself with the music described by popular YouTube series Sailing La Vagabonde as, “Dream Pop at its best.”

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